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Reclaimed Demo Longleaf Pine 3x8

This tight grain Longleaf Pine was reclaimed out of an East Coast textile mill built around the turn of the century.    It was used as floor "decking" inside a large building that housed industrial machines.  As a result, some boards have oil.  These thick boards have a wonderful old patina, and were rough sawn on one side and surface planed on the other side and edges.  They still have nails in them.  Great for outdoor structures (porches, gazebos, shade arbors, pergolas, etc.), but not suitable for resawing/remilling.  Also great for truck trailer floor decking!

Dimensions are approximately 2-1/2" x 7-1/4".  Available lengths are 8', 10', 14', and 16'. 


Reclaimed Demo Longleaf Pine 3x8
  • 3x8 reclaimed demo makes a great fence
  • Reclaimed Longleaf Pine 3x8 is great for outdoor structures.
  • 3x8 demo Pine in stock and ready to go
  • Reclaimed Longleaf Pine 3x8 factory decking makes a great new walkway
5.25 lbs./lin.ft.
0.000 inches

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