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Wood, the way it used to be

Welcome to Krantz Recovered Woods

We offer the Internet’s largest selection of virgin growth sinker Cypress and reclaimed Longleaf Pine lumber products. Headquartered in Manor, Texas, Krantz Recovered Woods is a specialty lumber company which markets, sells, manufactures, and ships its high quality old growth wood direct to the public, nationwide. Also, visit for new cypress lumber products.

Why Recovered?

If you’re an architect, fine homebuilder, cabinetmaker or rare woods purist, our virgin Cypress and Longleaf Pine will give your next project exceptional beauty, strength and a captivating story that dates back to the days of Columbus’s discovery of America. The allure that our recovered cypress and longleaf pine provide is beyond compare.

Krantz Recovered Woods’ products are all environmentally sound, created by recycling a resource lost underwater or used in a building years ago and is now ready to live again in your project. This recovered virgin growth wood is “antique quality” that has not been available in any significant amount for almost a century. The virgin growth lumber we offer displays a fineness of grain, pattern and density that woodworkers will instantly recognizable as “antique” quality. Our woods have the same fine grain and texture as the antiques of 100 years ago because they’re from the same forests. Whether we’re recovering them from an old river or an old building, they are truly “Wood, the way it used to be.”

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Buried Cypress

We have discovered Cypress trees buried for up to 2500 years and sawn them into spectacular large slabs suitable for fine furniture and display.

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Featured Photo

Spectacular sinker cypress at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas Spectacular sinker cypress adorns wall of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas.

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