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Fine Lumber Purveyor, Krantz Select Woods Achieving National Success from Austin Texas Headquarters

Krantz Select Woods, an established fine lumber company headquartered in Austin, Texas reports continued growth as one of the nation's largest online purveyors of quality wood products. Originally headquartered in New Orleans, Krantz Select Woods relocated to Austin due to the city's vibrant culture, lifestyle and economy. Krantz Select Woods opened the doors of its 15,000 square foot combined warehouse and retail space in North East Austin in 2009 and has seen its Texas business grow over 400 percent since.

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Krantz recovers huge 1,800 year old buried Cypress from Louisiana

Around 180 AD, a Cypress tree sprouted in South Louisiana. Over the next 750 years, it grew big and tall, reaching 6’ in diameter. Then, around 930 AD, it fell. Maybe it was a massive hurricane or old age that brought it down; it might have been the shifting Mississippi River, no one knows. It quickly became buried in the soft soil and it massive trunk was preserved. Over the next 1,000+ years, it laid there. No sounds, no sunlight, no air. By all accounts, it was frozen in time. Over the centuries, 35’ of soil eventuallycovered it, as a thousand years of coastal tides and weather pushed it farther beneath the surface.

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Wild Turkey Bourbon & Old Cypress Enthusiasts Rejoice!

In the old days, Wild Turkey Distillery of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky built their large fermentation tanks out of virgin growth Cypress. Cypress was the only wood suitable to hold their prized ingredients of water, corn, barley, and rye. These fermented to become the Bourbon “mash” under exacting conditions and care. Later, they were aged for years in charred barrels to become Kentucky Bourbon.

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Krantz Recovered Woods Establishes New Austin, Texas Location

Krantz Recovered Woods celebrates the opening of their Austin area 15,000 sq.ft. showroom, office and warehouse. The facility is located 13 miles East of I-35 on US 290 E., at 14807 US Hwy. 20 E.

Recently relocated from New Orleans in 2009, the opening of this facility is a new beginning for the company. The showroom offers homeowners, builders, architects, and designers a first hand view of wood products that will assist in the planning and design of their projects. Their showroom displays different reclaimed wood products in a professional setting that are, according to Krantz, “very unique and rarely found elsewhere. The virgin growth woods we're working with haven't been available in any quantity since the early 1900's. You might call this the second “Golden Age” of lumber products. We're very lucky to have this opportunity.”

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Forever Pine (Garden & Gun)

This article from the July/August 2008 issue of Garden & Gun discusses how we reclaim antique heart pine from demolished buildings and re-mill the wood into new lumber. This affords our customers the unique opportunity to enjoy the kind of wood that can only come from old-growth forests that have long since disappeared. As Jimmy states in the article, "We may be on the tail end of ever seeing this wood, of people ever touching it again, so we take a lot of care and take it very seriously."

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Woodworker's Journal book praises our sinker cypress

We supplied the antique cypress used for the "Hoop-Back Garden Bench" project in the Woodworker's Journal book Benches, Chairs & Beds: Practical Projects from Shaker to Contemporary. On page 32, author Chris Marshall praises our recovered lumber: "Higher ring counts make antique cypress exceptionally stable, fine grained, largely free of knots, and naturally resistant to insects and rot."

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