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Slabs of Buried Cypress Log BC005

According to independent laboratory testing via radio-carbondating, log BC005 has been buried since 780 A.D.   It was about 150 years old when it fell and became buried, which means it began growing around 630 A.D,, 1386 years ago!   We have 4 slabs from this Cypress tree, ranging from 7" to 15" wide X 5.9' to 16.6' long, all 2.25" thick.   

Their dimensions (all  2.25" thick): slab BC005-01 is 7" to 8" x71",    slab BC005-02 is 10" to 11" x 120",    slab BC005-03 is 12" to 15" x 200",   slab BC005-04 is 10" to 11" x 180".  

We would be happy to email photos of the other side of any slab.

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