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Tongue & Groove Flooring 1x8

Our beautiful reclaimed Longleaf Pine is certainly a customer favorite because of it's traditional looks and durability.   With nail holes and bolt holes, it has the marks of 80+ years of use.  For an incredible looking floor with a wide range of colors and grain pattern, the sinker Longleaf Pine or Sinker Cypress flooring should be considered.  We also have a limited availability of reclaimed Cypress, salvaged from old structures in Louisiana.  Cypress is softer and perfect for low traffic areas. 

Our reclaimed White Oak is from an old Northeastern US building with lots of character; it's milled with a relief groove on the bottom for extra stability.

Our limited availabity Wild Turkey Old Face Reclaimed Oak T&G 1x8 came from old tobacco barns located on Wild Turkey Distilleries property in Kentucky.  Originally, it was slated to be the exterior for their beautiful new visitors center, but instead we aquired it and milled it into extra thick 7/8"x6-1/2" face T&G flooring.  We've left the "old face" circle saw marks on the flooring.  Use a 1.84 conversion factor when determining square footage to linear footage needed.

These are tongue and grooved exactly in the center of the board (centermatched) so you can pick the prettiest side to face up.  The Old Face grade is freshly planed on the bottom side. Dimensions 3/4" thick x 7" coverage x mixed random lengths 2' and longer.   To determine square foot price, multiply linear foot price below x 1.71 Conversion Factor.

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